We are Boost.

We believe in the power of education. Everywhere, whenever and at your own pace.

We also believe in the power of tutoring. A highly personal and effective way of teaching.

But how do you find a tutor that matches your way of learning?

And how do you find students ready to be inspired?

That's where we come in.

How does it work?

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The team

Timo de Waal

Business Development

Timo is the central character in our story. He is the eye of the storm and keeps calm as all around him programmers lose their minds. His drink of choice is entrepeneurial spirit and he eats challenges for breakfast. Also he's a nice guy.

Tim Eversdijk

Backend Development

Tim rarely speaks, but when he does it's about some new piece of (Google) technology. He runs the show but doesn't feel the need to appear in front of the curtain. Luckily for us he has a steadily growing mountain of experience thanks to the equally steady growing mountain of side projects he undertakes. A fully developed developer.

Paul Bollerman

Frontend Development

Paul's creative side shines through in the code he delivers. That's to say it's beautiful but hard to understand, just like him. When he's not doing designing/css-magic/translations or some other work-related discipline which he's mysteriously good at, he likes to relax by playing any instrument know to man. Where does he find the time, you ask? He never sleeps

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